1 discussion 400 words

This week we are going to think critically about sexual education in the United States (and beyond). What do you believe are some of the implications of abstinence-only sex education? Of comprehensive sex education? Please use the academic articles/chapters as support for your critical argument! 

Reflect back on the sexual education that you experienced in school. For example (you do not have to answer all of these questions, these are just provided to help you critically contemplate your experience): How old were you? What topics shocked you? What information was new to you? What sorts of things did you still have questions about afterward? Were you separated from the opposite gender or was it coed? What feelings did you have leading up to the class, during the lecture, and after? Did you feel that the material was too explicit? Did this experience leave you feeling vulnerable to the opposite gender? If this experience left you feeling this way, what could have been done differently to make you feel secure?

Based on your experience and using the material for this week for support, how would you change sexual education in schools today?