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1)One of the first lines of security defense that companies (and individuals) should perform is to enable a firewall. Today, most routers include a firewall, most personal-computer operating systems provide a firewall, and their are a variety of network (hardware and software) firewalls available. For this discussion:

  • Define the term firewall
  • Discuss the goal(s) of a firewall
  • Describe different types of firewalls (router, server, personal computer, network) and when users should use each
  • List several commonly available (open source) firewalls
  • Describe best practices for using a firewall

Make sure you post your primary response and then respond to at least two learner posts.

2)A percentage of your grade is based on your posts on the Discussion Boards. You must post at least three times. One post should be your response to the questions posed in the discussion board, should be a minimum of 300 words, and should be posted no later than Thursday to give peers an opportunity to reply. The other post should be a thoughtful response to another student’s post, and should be a minimum of 100 words. In addition to the questions below, feel free to talk about any personal experience, thoughts, or ideas that are related to the discussion.

  • What’s deception technology?
  • Is a honey pot considered a deception technology technique? If yes, is there is any other techniques? (List at least two).