3 essays, 250 words each

Final Reflection

This is the learning seminar class, So i got re/instaitement after suspention 

The application of material discussed over the course of the term on a final test.

Free write based upon activity in class.

1)    250 Word Minimum – If Randy Pausch were writing a letter to you, what would he say if he could see your current academic situation? You can write this as if you were Randy, or detail what you think he would say.

2)    250 Word Minimum – Looking at the student’s today video, do you agree or disagree with what the students are saying? Do you feel that your professors understand you as a student? How would you change the educational environment to better assist you to be successful in college?

3)    250 Word Minimum – The piano video shows that if you make something fun, you are more likely to do the task, even if that task is boring. What are some areas which you could add fun to your academics to improve motivation?