5 pages essay philosophy

I need an essay 5 page for my philosophy class as basic as possible (using common and basic vocabulary and grammar) because I am international beginner English student and please don’t use any sources except what we supposed to read (augustine) and I need as soon as possible I need it after 24 hours  

Augustine: “Well, for my part I think there is a certain kind of teaching through reminding – a very important kind, as our discussion will itself bring out.” (pg. 95, line 20)

Please answer the following questions as accurately, coherently, and completely as possible:

Based on our analysis of St. Augustine’s The Teacher, please explain what this ‘certain kind of teaching through reminding’ is, the extent to which it differs from the way he presents teaching as it is normally understood, and the reasons for his claim that it is a ‘very important kind’. Finally, to what extent did Augustine and Adeodatus’ discussion actually ‘bring out’ those elements referred to in the quoted material above?

 Papers must be double spaced, approximately 5 pages in length, and free of spelling/grammatical/mechanical errors. Please remember that you may use your notes as well as St. Augustine’s text, but no other outside sources will be permitted for this paper, including the translator’s introductory essay that occurs prior to St. Augustine’s actual writing; please consult your syllabus for the academic honesty policy for this course. While you are not required to quote passages from the text, if you choose to do so remember that they should be brief and should only be used to support your explanations and not replace them. If you include any quoted material you may simply indicate the page number(s) in quotes at the end of the passage(s); please do not include footnotes, endnotes, a bibliography, works cited page, etc.