5 question need answeres

Please answer the question .-please number the question

1- How many ways can understanding religious rituals and history be helpful in the human services field? How about in Nursing?

       You mention community as a reason for religion and most religions do provide a sense of community.  Today many people are getting their need for community met in ways other than through religion.  For instance, many families have their children on club sports teams.  The parents and children are all involved in the team.  The parents sit together at practices and games.  They have a goal to see the team and their children do well.  They also work together (like having a car wash) to raise money for uniforms and tournaments.

2-Is there something different about the feeling of community that one gets in a religion from what soccer moms feel?

3-What is meant when God is said to be transcendent or immanent?  How do you view God; is he transcendent or immanent and how does he exhibit this?

4-Interfaith Definitions of Religion in your own words define religion?

5-Religion women are gods?