Agree to Disagree

  • What are your thoughts on the concept of agreeing to disagree as it applies to conflict resolution when working within a team oriented environment within the workplace?
  • How can this concept be applied here in class?

The concept of compromise or the theory of ‘agreeing to disagree’ is a wonderful communication strategy especially as it applies to the concept of team work. Each team to be most effective whether here in class or in the workplace or even at home in a family setting will be more successful if it is more diverse. What may be a strength for one may help assist a weakness in another and vice versa. The problem with this is that many times people will not look at team diversity this way on the surface and will first off seek team mates that are very much like they are which only limits the team making the team possibly not as strong as it potentially could be…

As a teacher in both high school and university classrooms (online works a little differently), I find most of my students will choose other students that think and learn exactly like they do when they have the option to choose their own teams or groups to work within which is why I, to their dismay will usually choose their groups for them to mix it up a little for the very reason you state in your response. The experience of working in groups, if it is diversified can prove to provide many benefits to the learning process along with incorporating effective conflict management and resolution skills. Here at UOP you will partake in a learning team in many classes you have. Working as a team always has its pros and cons but the team environment and experience you will gain will prove to be extremely valuable as it applies to the ways in which you work and communicate as you all move forward in school as well as in the workplace.