Application: Best Practices Handbook, Part Three

Application: Best Practices Handbook, Part Three

This week, you will add ideas for facilitating community partnerships to your handbook.

Select three specific ideas for community-school partnerships that you think will work well in your chosen setting. For each idea, include responses to the following:

  • An explanation of the idea, including what type of partnership it represents and what community organization(s) it will involve

  • Why do you think this partnership will be effective?
  • What benefits will this partnership bring, and to whom?

  • A description of at least two strategies for professionals to initiate/propose the partnership idea to the relevant community organization

  • A description of the role of the community organization members/leader, the professional, and the students in this partnership

  • A description of two best practices for managing the expectations of the community/organization partner

Assignment length: 3–5 pages

Note: Please keep in mind that the assignment length is intended to serve as a general guide. Depending on how you choose to use formatting, fonts, charts, bullets, graphics, etc. in your handbook, actual page lengths in your handbook may vary upward or downward.

Please have this done in 12 hours or less

APA format please and all orginal work please