Application: Best Practices Handbook, Part Two

his week, you surveyed a plethora of strategies for facilitating positive relationships between families and the schools that serve them. Now, you will consider which strategies are best suited for your chosen profession/setting and add information about these strategies to your handbook.

Select three specific strategies for facilitating family-school relationships that you will include in your handbook. For each strategy, include responses to the following:

  • A brief description of the strategy

  • Why do you think this strategy will be effective?
  • What benefits will this strategy bring, and to whom?

  • When will this strategy be implemented?

  • How will this strategy be communicated to families?

  • What roles will the family, the professional, and the students play in implementing this strategy?

Assignment length: 3–5 pages

This assignment is due in 12 hours or less

APA format and all orignal work