art homework

This assignment requires that you create a self portrait (2 photos):  one that shows “who you are” and one that shows “who you are not.”  You can work alone or partner with another class member to create your portraits. Flip cams are available in Roesch Library at the circulation desk or you can use your cell phone.  If you do not wish to use a photo of yourself, you can choose to photograph objects that represent you.

This is not a studio class and as such this is not a studio project.  It concerns the reception and interpretation of images, in this case raising questions on the gap between critical and expressive photography.  We will discuss this assignment further in class this week.

Bring your labeled self portraits to class – no electronic submissions.

You can create your portraits as still photographs or short videos.  Enjoy!


what represents me is that i am a mother for my little daughter which 18 months, and an electrical engineering student.

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