art homework essay

Please answer the following essay questions in your own words. Use examples from the textbook and class discussions. You will need to cite your sources  (i.e., Author, pg#) and include a works cited. Good essays will have an  introduction, main body paragraph(s) and a brief conclusion. Try to avoid  clichés like “art is in the eye of the beholder.” Instead make arguments and  back them up with material from our reading and discussion. Please  save your file as a .doc or docx file type and include your last name as part of the file  name. Please proof read your essays for spelling and grammar. Please read “how  to submit an assignment” on the assignment instructions page.

  1. What were some of the motivations of the Realists? How did they achieve their aims? 700 words total
  2. Please choose one movement or style from Chapter 18. Explain the major players in the movement and their main goals. Use examples and terms from the reading and lecture notes 700 words total

Please attach your assignment with label of last name and assignment # as a word document. Use standard formatting with one inch margins and 12 pt. Times font. Cite sources in text and in a works cited section. Please observe the due date and the policy on late work. The textbook should be your only source unless you include images from internet sources. Points will be deducted for lateness, improperly submitting work and/or not using the text book as your main source.