ASHLIEY WRITER Philosophy # 6-8


6.  What is a thought experiment? Give or design an example of a thought experiment you can use or have used in your own life. Be sure to follow your experiment through to “the end.” 100 WORDS

  • Think about Mill’s argument of the qualitative differences between pleasures and describe how these relate to your own life experiences.100 WORDS

7.   Explain Marx’s concept of alienation, species-life, alienated and unalienated labor. Give an example of these concepts in your life or events you have knowledge of from any field or source.  100 WORD

8.   The so-called “death of God” was a critical component of Nietzsche’s philosophy; without it, none of his claims make sense. Explain what Nietzsche meant by the phrase “God is dead” and how that claim drove his search for the “Overman” or Ubermensch, and the “Master morality.”  100 WORDS