Assignment #1: Introductions and discussion questions on critical thinking

What sparked your interest in natural resource management?

What other environmental, natural resource, or ecology courses have you already taken? (do not need answer this one )

What personal experience do you have with natural resource management? For example, 4-H/FFA projects, conservation practices on family land (rural or urban), jobs, vacation travel, and discussions with friends or relatives who work in the field, etc.


2. One of the goals of this class is to develop your critical thinking skills in relation to natural resource management.

What is critical thinking? Why do we need to develop critical thinking skills?

What is the best way to develop these skills?

Why are these skills important in natural resource management?

Your answer should be based on internet research.

Please answer the questions on critical thinking (at least 250 words) and respond to at least three of your classmate’s posts (this is very important for our discussion).

Please cite your sources.

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35 pts.