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Below is the rubric and guidelines to follow

Assessment of Learning Needs

Identify a group in need of health teaching. Assess learning needs according to:

Expressed learning needs of the group or group leader (e.g., classroom teacher)

Developmental stage (e.g., cognitive or developmental level)

Leading causes of morbidity/mortality for age group and population specific risk factors

Special learning needs and barriers (e.g., developmental disabilities, language barriers)


Identify and prioritize learning needs. Select one need as the topic for the teaching-learning project. Confirm that the group is receptive to a presentation on the topic.


Identify outcomes for the teaching-learning session. Submit to your clinical instructor a lesson plan that incorporates teaching strategies congruent with the group’s developmental level and addresses possible barriers to learning. Include copies of written materials, handouts, and audiovisual materials you will be using with the lesson plan.


In most cases, your clinical instructor will observe your teaching presentation. The lesson plan will serve as your guide, but be prepared to adapt the presentation as needed to address the group’s questions, specific interests, etc.


Design a method to evaluate if learning occurred and outcomes were met. The evaluation should be age appropriate and may include verbal feedback, a return demonstration, a written quiz, or an activity that demonstrates acquisition of knowledge.