BEHS103 Quiz 3 2016 (10/10)

QuestionQuiz 3Question 1 Prehistoric man was nomadic because he did not possess the technology to build permanent shelter or grow crops.TrueFalseQuestion 2 Which of the following happened because of the Bronze Age?Man was able to build permanent structuresMan was able to build fire for the first timeMan became a hunter-gathererAll of the aboveQuestion 3 The domestication of animals was important becauseThey provided laborThey provided a food sourceThey allowed man to establish permanent settlementsAll of the aboveQuestion 4 Workforce specialization occurred because the population decreased and the diminished food demand meant that fewer farm hands were needed.TrueFalseQuestion 5 What technological advancement allowed for the civilization of Europe?MoneyThe ancient plowThe long bowThe steam engineQuestion 6 The Middle Ages (or Dark Ages) was a time of very little technological progressTrueFalseQuestion 7 Fashion became important during Industrialization because consumer goods were more readily and cheaply available to the average person.TrueFalseQuestion 8 The nature of work has shifted from a knowledge/service based economy to a product/manufacturing based economy.TrueFalseQuestion 9 According to Erik Brynjolfsson, productivity is increasing while income is falling.TrueFalseQuestion 10 Brynjolfsson asserts that GDP estimates are an underestimate of actual productivity growth because:Productivity has slowed to almost nothing in the past few decadesGrowth models predict a logarithmic rise in productivityMany enterprises that demonstrate growth (e.g. social media sites like Facebook and TED) are offered for freeAll of the above

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