BEHS103 Quiz 6 2016 (10/10)

QuestionQuiz 6Question 1 In ancient times, story tellers were considered to be of lowly status.TrueFalseQuestion 2 The first e-book was patented by:Angela RuizBrown UniversityTed HoffMichael HartQuestion 3 The first e-reader was called the:RocketKindleNookNexusQuestion 4 Web 2.0 technology is an important development in the evolution of storytelling because:It restricts and limits how users can use informationIt allows the average user to self-publish and become his/her own storytellerIt makes it much harder for people to self-publishAll of the aboveQuestion 5 Ancient Egyptians are famous for a stiff and formal style of artwork known as:IlluminationImpressionismTrompe l’oeilFrontalismQuestion 6 Religion was a main artistic theme for every era but which of the following?The Gothic EraThe Rococo PeriodThe Baroque PeriodThe Carolingian EraQuestion 7 There are some cultures, particularly in underdeveloped societies, that do not have music.TrueFalseQuestion 8 The symphony orchestra evolved because composers needed more musicians to play in order to be loud enough to be heard by public audiences in large spaces.TrueFalseQuestion 9 Which of the following is NOT true about the piano:The expansion of the keyboard from 5 octaves to 8 octaves enabled composers to write music that highlighted exceptional musical skillThe keyboard was important to the development of polyphonyThe modern keyboard was invented during the RenaissanceThe development of quality steel and cast iron during the Industrial Revolution greatly improved piano constructionQuestion 10 According to Psychology Today, people who watch a lot of reality television do not appear to be psychologically different from those who do not watch reality televisionTrueFalse