Benjamin Bloom’s “Six Paths to More Powerful Thinking”

Benjamin Bloom’s “Six Paths to More Powerful Thinking” and discusses how we learn through exploring our learning styles and multiple intelligences.

The ways in which we think greatly affect how we interpret, digest, and recall information. A master student needs to be capable of asking questions that will lead the student to deeper learning.

We talked about Bloom’s Six Levels of Thinking during Week 1 of class. Benjamin Bloom is well known for providing the identification of six levels of thinking, called the “taxonomy of educational objectives.” Each level requires the master student to ask and answer different kinds of questions which help the brain remember and digest information in a positive way.

Let’s review and discuss:

  •  briefly describe the six levels of thinking? What level do you think you need more practice with?
  • How will understanding how you learn and think contribute to your academic success?
  • Discuss helpful strategies for communication that you can use when working with others with different attitudes and learning styles.