Can this be done by 5:00pm today

This paper should be written in traditional research paper format, should include two figures from the Humanities (one from the past and one figure from the present, or a completely different era from the other), and should compare and contrast their achievements. It should be based on the Thesis and Map (Outline) you did in module 02

  1. Original research paper that is 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 point, with a standard font. In general, pages consist of:

Title Page – Captivating title, your name, title of the course, date.

Body – 3-5 pages in length. Follow this rough map (outline):

    • Introduction – introduce subjects – (Remember you are comparing and contrasting two figures from different eras) Bring focus to your study through thesis statement.
    • Short bio and accomplishments of first humanist
    • Short bio and accomplishments of second humanist
    • Comparison of the two humanists on at least three criteria
      • Criterion 1
      • Criterion 2
      • Criterion 3
      • Etc.
    • Conclusion – Elaborate (do not simply restate) your thesis. Remember to mention both subjects here and close with a striking point.

References Cited page – in APA format.

  1. Follow APA format for the paper and for citing your sources. APA guidelines are available through the Online Library.
  2. Proper mechanics (clear, concise, and complete sentences and paragraphs), proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  3.  At least four sources for the paper from your research. Please try to use one or two sources as available from your college’s Online Library. For assistance on researching in the library, see the Resources tab. Internet resources should be from credible sources.
  4. Use statements and ideas that are your own writing and blend these in with your research. If you want to use actual words from a source, put them in quotation marks followed by an in-text citation showing that particular source.

I have attch the two humanist I would like to discuss and the outline