can you GREET my three classmate? only need is couple sentence for each person

Guided Response: Because it is important to build a classroom culture, it is important for you to get to know each other as we will be spending the next five weeks together. Read your classmates’ postings and respond to at  three of your peers. Ask questions to get to know your classmates more or comment on connections between you and your classmates. You will find that you share many commonalities.

1.My name is Nathan Allen. I am married to my beautiful wife Misaki. We have been married for almost 3 years now. We just recently had our first child and his name is Andrew Musashi. He was born 10 weeks premature and is currently in the NICU. I have attached a picture of Andrew and I. This is a very scary time for us and we are working through it. He is doing great and it growing now. He was born on February 3rd. I am almost done with my Bachelors here at Ashford, just a few classes remaining. I work at a company called Stericycle and we dispose of all kinds of medical waste. I have no experience with any type of early readers but wish to get some experience in it. I think it is important because we need to know how to teach children at all ages because we never know what is in store for us. It will be so much fun learning in this course and getting to know all of my fellow classmates. I will keep everyone updated on how my son progresses in the next five weeks. If you have any questions, please ask.

2.My name is Victoria DeJesus but everyone calls me Vicky.  I am from a small town called Campbell, Ohio which is like an hour away from Cleveland.  I am working on getting my Bachelor’s degree in Education Studies and if everything goes well I will be receiving that degree in 2017.  I am married to my best friend Daniel and between both of us we have five children.  He had three when we met and I had my son from a previous marriage and then we had our baby girl eight years ago.  We been together for twelve years and decided to get married two years ago.  I went to Campbell Memorial High School and then I went to Youngstown State University for about two years.  Going to college after two years I decided that it was not something that I wanted to do.  Twenty years later I decided to go back to school and attend on line classes with Ashford.  I am more focused than ever and I feel like these last two years I have accomplished what I should of done twenty years ago.  . I want to become an educator and my job now is not even close to it.  I work for an answering service for doctors in which I have worked for seventeen years.  I have not held a job in education yet but I am working to get some experience soon.  I would like to add experience in classrooms and become a teacher in my hometown on my educational timeline. My learning objectives for this course is to get a better understanding of curriculums and how to put it together.  I still yet have had experience with early readers so I really can not say anything about it.  I am sure that it is important for us educators to learn about early literacy practices so we can pass that on to our students.  I look forward to having class with you all and best wishes for the next couple of weeks. 

3.Hi, Im Rosalyn and I have met (as much as an online class allows) many of you from previous classes. I live in Houston, Texas with my husband and 7 year old son. We are expecting our first daughter mid May, so things are pretty hectic, but exciting around here right now. As far as education, I have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Interpreting and Transliterating and up until yesterday, I have worked as an independent American Sign Language interpreter (I resigned due to complications with my pregnancy, but will return next school year). I mostly have worked in education serving in k-12 and higher education and and have one class left after this for my Bachelors in educational studies. My future career goals include that I want to work as a deaf ed teacher for a while to gain experience and maybe make that long term. But my ultimate goal is to work with struggling readers. Last school year, in addition to interpreting, I took on a project in one of the Houston ISD schools to work with a few kids who were grade levels below their grade in reading to try to get them closer to caught up. A friend of mine and I volunteered with this group of kids usually about an hour and a half a day October-April to build their skills and confidence in reading. If I could dos something like this on a larger scale, this would be my dream job. I have very limited experience with early readers outside of my own personal experiences. I am the second oldest of four children, and my mother made sure to have us all reading at the age of 3. According to her, she would read to us every day and play word games and letter games when she would interact with us. when I had my little boy, I wasn’t particularly focused on having him read early, but I did want him to have a love for reading and I had some of the same practices of reading to him daily and nightly and all of his screen time from birth to 3 was related to reading in one way or another. He in turn was reading at 3 as well and when he entered kindergarten, I was informed he read on a 3rd grade reading level.