How to Communicate Assessment Results to Parents


For this week’s assignment, you will be creating an info-graphic for a new teacher on how to communicate assessment results to parents and guardians. Using the sessions’ readings, your own experience, and what you know about info-graphics, your info-graphic should cover:

  • What are assessments (in layman’s terms)?
  • How are assessments used to inform instruction?
  • How can assessment scores be broken down to easily communicate them (and their meaning) to parents or guardians?
  • How can a parent/guardian help their child based off of assessment scores?

If you’re not sure what info-graphics are, take a look at a few here related to other topics in the world of education:

  • Flipped Classroom Info-graphic
  • Education by the Numbers Info-graphic
  • Facts About Arts in Education Info-graphic

Your response should be in the form of a digital or hand-drawn info-graphic (if you choose to submit a hand-drawn info-graphic, you must ensure it’s all legible). The facilitator is not looking for a professional quality, highly-skilled graphically designed info-graphic. But, the info-graphic should display that you’ve been creative in synthesizing the information that you’ve learned in this topic about fluency and fluency strategies.

Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  1. Create a new document of your choosing (Word, Google Docs, Open Office – anything that can be saved/exported to PDF or an image format) or use paper and pencil/pen/markers. 
  2. Create your info-graphic. It should be at least one (1) page, and no more than three (3).
  3. You can use Word Art, Shapes, Text Boxes, Clipart, or create your info-graphic entirely by hand (if you create it by hand, everything must be legible and easily read. 
  4. Save your info-graphic as a PDF or image (.png, .jpg, .jpeg) file with the naming convention AssessmentInfographic_FirstNameLastName. If your name is Walter Payton, your document name would be AssessmentInfographic_WalterPayton. If you chose to draw your info-graphic, you will need to first scan the paper and then save it. 
  5. Upload your saved document to the upload interface below.