Coaching Plan for a School in Transition – Power Point Presentation

Develop a Coaching Plan for a School in Transition. Power Point Presentation in APA Format 

Coaching Plan for a School in Transition

You have been recently hired as an academic coach in a school that has recently undergone restructuring. You may choose a core area of specialty for the purposes of the assignment. The staff consists of a new administration, new teachers, experienced teachers new to the school, and seasoned teachers who have been employed at the school under a different administration. In addition to school personnel changes, there is a new curriculum that will likely affect school climate. As the new academic coach, it is your responsibility to support all employees on the curriculum, pedagogy, and with any other support or assistance they need to ensure that students have successful learning experiences. Create a coaching plan that addresses all employee experience levels.

This plan may needs to be presented as a Power Point Presentation

Your plan must address the following:

·       All phases of the coaching cycle must be explored.

·       A minimum of two SMART goals or a research based goal setting strategy must be incorporated for teachers at each of the three experience levels listed above.

·       Incorporate strategies for overcoming resistance.

·       Include identification of and means for overcoming potential obstacles.

·       Include a detailed timeline spanning 1 academic year.

Remember, the plan should highlight coaching and mentoring strategies and not necessarily information pertaining to the subject area expertise of the coach.

This plan may needs to be presented as a Power Point Presentation

A minimum of three academic references must be incorporated within the plan. These sources should support the selection of strategies identified. There is no length limit for the plan. However, your plan must be submitted in accordance with APA (6th edition).