Context Clues

  • Vocabulary Development During Read-Alouds: Primary Practices.
  • Think-Alouds.

Context clues provide readers support for figuring out word meanings and comprehension. The chapter explains why context clues are important. It is important for you to teach your students how to use context clues. As such, you will be practicing how to model instructional practices in this forum.First, you will pick a text that supports your chosen College and Career Readiness Anchor Standard for Reading (see Learning Activity). You can use a book, a short article, a news article, etc. The text must be appropriate for an early reader in grades preK-3. You can consider your student profile which you developed in Week Two. You will model how to use context clues for your student while supporting your chosen anchor standard. Consider the strategies mentioned in your textbook as well. Indicate the grade level. Choose one of the following options:

 Write a precise script of how you will perform a think-aloud of a read-aloud. Make sure to write everything you would say, including any expected student responses.