create a new organelle A&P 1

BIOL 2401 Project

5% of total grade

Create a New Organelle for the Cell

A portion of this course is devoted to the study of the cell, the basic unit of life (chapter 3). The cell is examined in general, and the structure and function of each organelle is studied. This project is to ascertain whether you really understand the workings of the cell. The assignment is to design a new and different organelle for the typical human cell. You must name your organelle, fully describe its structure and function, how it interacts with other organelles of the cell, and how it will improve the cell. Draw a sketch of your organelle

Due date

 M/W class – Monday, October 7

 T/Th class – Tuesday, October 8

 Submit a printed document in class on the due date. Email submissions NOT accepted.

Grading rubric – 10 possible points

 Name – 1 point (be as creative as you want)

 Structure – 2 points

 Function – 2 points

 Interaction with other organelles – 2 points

 Improvement on cell – 2 points

 Drawing – 1 points