Culture 2

Outline #1 Instructions

*You should submit a rough draft of an outline that shows that you have thought about and researched your culture.

*Outline #1 should include the required categories (you pick the categories, just must meet the number specified in the assignment) for the ‘NATION’ section of the paper. Please consult the Project paper instructions for more details.

The Nation –government, educational systems, geography/climate, population, dominant/microcultures, economy, transportation, language, religion, holidays (religious and political).

**You are also required to provide a bibliography of at LEAST 5 sources in MLA or APA format (this should be the last page of the outline). Please consult the project paper instructions for guidelines and rules for sources.

I would like a full-sentence outline, which will look like this:


I. Man-made pollution is the primary cause of global warming.

A. Greenhouse gas emissions are widely identified by the scientific community to be


1. The burning of coal and fossil fuels are the primary releasers of

hazardous greenhouse gases.

**You may use bullets if you want – that is fine too. However, they must be complete sentences and should be structured and organized.

Other things:

– You must have parenthetical citations. This means, when you use a source (that is not your own original thought), you must show where you got it. So you must at the end of the sentence cite the author and year and page number (if applicable), like: (Easley, 2001, pg. 2).

-If you are using information WORD-FOR-WORD this is a direct quotation and should include quotations marks “ “ to indicate this.  If you are paraphrasing, this means you are putting the information into your own words and it differs from the original wording of your resource.  You still put a parenthetical citation for paraphrasing.

-Your outline should demonstrate thorough research for this required section of the project.  It will be graded on depth and quality of research.  I DO NOT want you to simply copy and paste from the internet; you will receive very little points if you do this.

**Examples from previous students (that were low A/high B) have been posted so you can see what I am looking for. Their assignment had some different guidelines, but you can at least see what I want your outline to include and look like.