Current Issues

150 words

Choose a current issue to research that can be related to providing quality physical education at the elementary school level.  Some examples of issues might be childhood obesity, budget constraints, family / home environment, nutrition, prenatal care, lack of medical care or other factors that either offer an advantage or disadvantage to a child’s motor development. Review several scholarly sources that offer information on the issue.Include short summary of the issue in your initial post.  Also address the following questions:

  1. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of this issue in regard to motor development?  
  2. Is this issue a more recent concern, or has it been an ongoing issue for many years? Explain.   
  3. Who (or what) has contributed most to minimizing the negative effects concerning this issue?

Finally, include at least one reputable website that offers strategies and/or resources to counter the negative effects of the issue. Explain why you included this source.