.Define energy, and state where living things get the energy  they need.

Directions: Answer each of the following questions.

1.Define energy, and state where living things get the energy  they need.

2. What is an autotroph? Give an example.

3. How does photosynthesis change energy?

4. How do heterotrophs obtain food?

5. What are the stages of photosynthesis? Which stage occurs first?

6. Describe the chloroplast and its role in photosynthesis.

7. Summarize what happens during the light reactions of photosynthesis.

8. What happens during the carbon fixation step of the Calvin cycle?

9. During which stage of photosynthesis is glucose made?

Essay submission: Select one (1) Biology topic from this lesson, and submit a 3-5 paragraph essay about the topic. Present the answer in complete sentences with supporting information from the Lesson. Do not copy and paste from the Lessons or Internet resources, but answer in your own words to demonstrate understanding of the material. Remember to cite your sources!

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