When you evaluated (rated/assessed) each of the seven dimensions of wellness in the Unit II Homework, you asked yourself, “On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the best), how do I feel about…” For each of the seven dimensions, you assigned yourself a score (or you need to now). Click here to access the “Seven Dimensions of Wellness” document for your review. You are now going to use that score/evaluation to discuss the “big picture of you.” Feel free to be as creative as you like.

Discuss the following components for EACH of the seven dimensions of wellness:

1. Indicate your score and describe what led you to that decision.

2. What was your specific goal from the Unit II Homework? Is it a realistic and achievable goal? Have you started working on your goal yet? If yes, are you making progress? If no, why not?

3. Describe one aspect of which you are particularly proud, and something that you would like to improve about yourself. (Use examples if possible.)

4. Provide a concluding paragraph at the end of your assignment. Summarize/reflect how you think you are doing overall, considering all seven dimensions of wellness.

Click here to access a template for this assignment. Save all of your work in the template, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.