Respond to the questions that follow each scenario. Explain your answers, citing the textbook and other sources if utilized.

Scenario 1:

Police receive an anonymous tip that there is a white man, wearing a gray hoodie and black pants standing at the bus stop carrying a gun in his left jacket pocket. Officer Bob responds to the bus stop and observes the man as described.

Question 1: Can Officer Bob conduct a stop and frisk based upon the dispatched information? Explain your answer.

Scenario 2:

After receiving the call regarding the man at the bus stop, Officer Bob approaches the subject and although Officer Bob has every intention of stopping and frisking the subject, he asks the man: “May I speak with you for a moment? By the way, we have a report that you have a gun in your pocket, would you mind if I frisked you”?

Question 2: If the subject allows Officer Bob to frisk him, is the frisk valid? Explain your answer.

Scenario 3:

The bus stop in these scenarios is located in a high-crime area. Upon seeing Officer Bob pulling up at the bus stop, the man in the gray hoodie and black pants ran. Officer Bob stopped the subject and frisked him, leading to the recovery of the gun.

Question 3: Is this a valid stop and frisk? Explain your answer.

Your paper should be at least two pages in length and follow APA guidelines, to include a title and reference page. The title and reference page do not count towards the minimum page length requirement. Properly cite the textbook and all other scholarly references utilized to support your position.

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