Discuss the changes you would make to your digital media presentation, including visual enhancements, if you wanted to disseminate it to a wider audience via social media sites.

Prior to completing your Discussion post or taking the Quiz, be sure to review the resources noted below. The resources from the Writing Center (WC) will focus on visual rhetoric, which is the use of visuals to convey a message, and on how to create advanced PowerPoint presentations.

Begin the Unit 10 Learning Activities.

After reviewing this unit’s Learning Activities, complete the Quiz. The next step will be to read the Discussion instructions and respond to the topics.


The inspiration for change can come from unexpected circumstances, yet the idea can then be catapulted into communities through digital media and social networking opportunities. With your digital media presentation, you have the opportunity to share your idea for change with your community or colleagues. With that opportunity in mind, respond to the question below:

  • Discuss the changes you would make to your digital media presentation, including visual enhancements, if you wanted to disseminate it to a wider audience via social media sites. Do you think your presentation could generate change, and do you foresee pursuing this argument for change in the future?

You can review a sample Discussion post by clicking on the following link: Unit 10 Sample Discussion Assignment.

You can review a sample PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the following link: Unit 10 Sample PowerPoint.

The Discussion post should be written in complete sentences using Standard American English. Before posting, proofread for grammar, spelling, and word-choice issues. Be sure to respond fully to every aspect of the Discussion.

When you refer to concepts from the unit Learning Activities, be sure to use a signal phrase like “According to . . .[name of reading].” If you are directly quoting the Learning Activities or another source, be sure to use quotation marks and cite the source using proper APA in-text citations and full references. The Writing Center has resources on APA citation formatting.


Since this unit does not require responses to classmates, the grading rubric differs from those in units 1-9. You can review the rubric the instructor will use when determining your Discussion grade by clicking on the following link:Unit 10 Discussion Assignment Grading Rubric.

response to leon:

Hello Fellow Classmates and Professor!

Wow I cannot believe we have come to the conclusion of this class! It seems like we have started it yesterday and I was struggling to find a good theme to talk about throughout the whole class (which seemed impossible to do at first, by the way!), and now we are done! I have truly enjoyed working with all of you guys, and reading about your valuable feedback and comments, which helped me revise some of my work! Through this class I have learned some awesome new techniques when it comes to writing papers and also common (and not so common) issues that afflict today’s society.

Although I have done my very best to put together my first ever Power Point Presentation for Unit 9, I do not feel 100% confident about it, as I feel like there’s always space and opportunity for improvement. In particular, if I could change anything, it would be to add one more source and some more visuals to further prove my point. I always feel like there is never enough information when one is trying to make an impact and talk about something dear to one’s heart, and in the case of my presentation, I didn’t want to put too much information on it and risk losing the message.

I would love to pursue this theme outside the classroom and really make a substantial change in society, so that my child and all other bilingual children can have more resources available to them in the future and stress the importance of speaking different languages all the way up to the academic level. I know social media is the way to go to make sure the message is mainstreamed, but I don’t believe a power point presentation is the best way to push the message forward, so I would choose to make a video presentation rather than a power point in that case.

Thank you all again, and I wish all of you good luck for this all other classes to follow!

response to zachary: Some changes that I would make to my digital media presentation is maybe the integration of my voice in the slides.  It is difficult to actually relay something like a power point presentation without your voice because you want to avoid cluttering the presentation with text.  I was always taught to have minimal wording and actually explain to the audience rather than read from a slide.  I would also maybe include some video clips in the slide to help the audience visualize what I’m talking about

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