I believe that the personal ideologies of each politicians can affect the decision-making and good governance because at the end, every politician is human as well and humans tend to think on their own benefit. For example, I would say that President Trump’s agenda is very biased and based on his own world views. Politicians are supposed to consider what people want and then make a decision based on what is really good for the whole society. I think that banning Muslims from entering to the United States, for example, is not a good policy, I don’t think that it really benefits people, as seen in social media and many parts of the country, people actually didn’t like this. I believe that President Trump was covering his own agenda by making this decision. Legalization of gay marriage can also be considered for this example. County Klerk, Kim Davis, did not want to give same-sex couples marriage licenses just because that wasn’t in her own personal beliefs and agenda. The truth is that it is rare to see politicians who actually leave their own bias and personal beliefs aside for the welfare of the rest. Other politicians might work with companies in order to gain money or else. Unfortunately, politics can be a very dirty world. Nevertheless, America is a democratic nation which means that people still can act and get things right, but for this people need to stand and use their voice such as when people mobilized and create the civil rights movement.

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A political ideology are values and beliefs of an individual or a group about the purpose and role of the government in certain situation. Ideological differences among politicians I believe does have a negative effects on decision making and good governance. I believe this is so because when people have different ideologies then it means they also have different beliefs because of different reasonings. An example of ideological differences causing an affect in decision making is the whole debate on nature vs. nurture. Everyone beliefs something different in whether nature or nurture is dominant. The most prime debate in this subject is the LGBT community. Due to people’s different ideological differences especially in the government, causes this upset in the difference of laws and rules which causes an unsteady living environment for the people of the LGBT community. Some people think that it is not the fault of the people’s of the LGBT community and that it is all nature and that they are born the way they are. While the people on the other side of the debate feel that it is how they were brought up and the things they were exposed to when they were younger, that caused them to be who they are. This small little debate can go a long way in making it extremely difficult for politicians to make decisions or exceed at good governing.

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