Discussion Post and 2 (One Paragraph) peer response

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  1. Do you consider erosion as a constructive force, destructive force, both, or neither? Please explain.
  2. Do you believe that man should intervene in areas that are being effected by erosion? In your response please consider the idea that erosion is a natural process.

Peer Response 1


I consider erosion to be both destructive and constructive. Here are the reasons for that.

I think that erosion is destructive since it can break down and destroy landforms. Water, ice, wind and gravity can all cause destructive erosion as they move sediment from one place to another. Land erosion can make some slopes become unstable and lead to landslides. Wind erosion can be very destructive as well. The North American “Dust Bowl” of the 1930s is a good example of that. There, strong winds eroded most of valuable topsoil and devastated local economies. As a result, thousands of people whose lives were dependent on agriculture were forced to leave the area. Water can cause erosions of valleys as rushing streams and rivers wear away their banks. In addition, during coastal erosion, people can lose their homes and businesses.

On the other hand, erosion can be constructive. It can help in formation of new landforms as sediment gets deposited after being carried from one place to another. Sandbars and river deltas are good examples of that. In addition, as the wind moves topsoil from one place to another, it can help construct good soil in an area that needs it.

I think that people should intervene in areas that are being affected by erosion if it becomes a danger to human life. For instance, if there is a possibility of erosion of coastal homes and/or businesses, people should intervene by helping with evacuation efforts. They can also help to rebuild and/or fix what has been damaged or destroyed due to erosion.


Peer response 2


From the reading, I know erosion is the the process by which the surface of the earth is worn away by the action of water, glaciers, winds, and waves. Destructive erosion is where you take part of one land from away to create a new one. It sounds erosion is a destructive force. If we look at the example of water erosion, the water flow take part of water bed away to create a flat one at the end of rivers. Also there is a v-shaped valley to u-shaped valley. This u-shaped valley use to be a v-shaped valley until ice eroded it away. The ice cuts into the rock and curves it out to form a u-shaped valley.

I don’t think that man should intervene in areas that are being effected by erosion because the erosion is a nature process. The areas effected by erosion will be changed day by day. This areas will eventually have the cliff falls down. No matter what man do for these area, man can’t beat the power of nature. We see a lot of examples form the videos. If you built houses around the erosion areas, once there is heavily rain, the water flow will cause more, severe and quick erosion. Even man build dams to protect their house, the dams will collapse. The only thing man can do is running away from these areas.

Man can not change nature features, but we can change the way we live on this earth. The most important thing man should do is to protect the earth. We should do recycle and reuse items for our daily life. in this way, the energy flow in our earth will be less dramatic. The erosion from water, glaciers, winds, and waves will be slower.