Explain some functions/processes of your ecosystem including one nutrient cycle and one food chain.

This is a TWO part paper which must consist outside reference – APA format not needed as it will be plugged into another sheet.


PART 1 – 

Select an ecosystem in your area (forest, lake, desert, grassland).

Write a 525- to 700-word paper explaining the following:

1)   Describe the structure of your ecosystem including important abiotic features and dominant plant and             animal species.

2)   Explain some functions/processes of your ecosystem including one nutrient cycle and one food chain.

3)  Give two examples of species interactions (predation, competition, mutualism, etc.) that occur in your ecosystem.

4)  Identify an invasive species in your ecosystem. Explain its effects on the ecosystem and efforts to control or eradicate it.



Include two outside references



Using the textbooks or resources, answer each of the following questions in 150- to 300-words.  Be sure to provide references for the sources you use


1)    Your neighbor faithfully applies fertilizer to his lawn to ensure beautiful, healthy green grass.  Explain how your neighbor’s fertilizing habit affects at least one nutrient cycle.


2)    Your friend commutes to work every day by driving a standard gasoline-powered car.  Explain how your friend’s commute affects one or more nutrient cycles.


3)    Urban areas typically have lots of pavement and compacted soils.  Explain how these impermeable surfaces affect at least one aspect of the hydrologic cycle


4)     Why is understanding the cycling of matter and energy in ecosystems important to environmental science? Provide an example.  What are some human effects on the natural cycling process of ecosystems in your community?


5)     Because ecosystems change and may recover naturally from disturbance over time, what factors affect decisions about whether human intervention is needed to help ecosystem recovery? Provide examples.




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