feedback to my two peer. due today 7hr

Guided Response: In addition to responding to your instructor’s comments and questions, respond to at least two of your peers. Describe what you liked about the word walls and make any suggestions to improve the word walls. Focus on how the word walls can be used to support literacy learning.


Hi. Attached is an example of a word wall that I would implement in my classroom. The theme of my word wall is “Word wall A-Z” The purpose of my word wall is for my students to be interactive and use this as a tool, this is an array of words that can be used for both reading and writing. The procedures for my word wall is, once my students get into class and after our morning discussion, we move onto the word wall. I always ask the question “why are words fun to learn about” “who likes learning new words” just so I can hear the bright ideas my students have, they all may be different answers and some may be the same. After that open discussion, I would read out the words in each box and explain a short meaning to it and ask students what other words start with that certain letter and so on. After our word wall lesson, my students will have to write short sentences for the words that are asked for them to write for. Word walls will enhance my literacy instruction in a classroom, by building the students concept of word skills. I believe that word walls increase vocabulary and comprehension skills.


I have attached several different examples of word walls that I would like to implement in a classroom of my own – I’m not really sure what type of classroom I will be in but it will be in the near future. I would use the first word wall on a spot near the computers in the room, or in a computer lab. It would be good to have information about terms used for computer time and computer lingo so that students become familiar with them. The second word wall I would use would be in a corner of the room where we would have music time, or in a music room. It would be useful to have students look at these terms also. The third word wall would be in the art section of a classroom, or a class room that is only intended for art time. It would inform students of terms that are related to art and its many facets. The fourth word wall would be ideal in a kindergarten/preschool classroom. Pictures would help to give a visual cue of the letter and what sound it makes, and the addition of the names of students in the class make for a special touch, as well as allow the students to learn and recognize all their classmates’ names.