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     Addictions Screening and Assessment Tools Versus Clinical Assessments

A client is typically referred to an addiction professional with myriad problems because addictions either directly or indirectly cause the problems, or the addiction is a byproduct of the problem. If clinical assessments provide an overview of a client’s background and situation, is a specific addictions assessment necessary? If an addictions assessment shows a client with depression and anxiety, is a clinical assessment necessary?

For this Discussion, you consider differences between use of addictions assessment tools and clinical assessment tools and the rationale behind each approach.

To prepare:

Review the Learning Resources, particularly the following articles:

  • “Brief Intervention in College Settings”

  • “Assessing Addiction: Concepts and Instruments”

Post by Thursday 3/23/17 a 300 word response to the following:

How might the use of addictions assessment tools differ from the use of clinical assessment tools? Include in your response references to unique administration and client considerations.  

Be specific and use the week’s Learning Resources in your response.

Answer all components in the assignment as there are usually several. These can serve as your headings in APA format. Using these headings will help keep your paper organized, ensure you cover all objectives, and enhance readability. You may find that if you bullet-point these requirements and refer to them as you write, you will address all of the portions of the question.