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Instructional Plans for Adult Learners

The Discussions in this course include several components. You may not be able to address all of these topics in a single post. You will need to plan to return to the Discussion several times during the week to weigh in on the topics. Please make sure you do so as part of both original posts as well as in replies to your classmates. Remember that your grade for the Discussion Board comprises both original postings and your contributions through replies. Both are great places to introduce new information, opinions, links, etc., and both are equally important to your grade.

In this Discussion you will be locating instructional plans or lesson plans for adult learners. Use a search engine to conduct a search for “adult education instructional plans”. Then, answer each of the questions in the following Google Survey and submit your information.

Start this Discussion by completing the following Google Form:

Once you have completed the Google Form and submitted your answers, you will be provided with a view of your peers’ responses. Use those responses to complete your next post.

Review your peer’s instructional plans provided after you submit your Google form and select an instructional plan you may find interesting and post the following:

  1. Briefly explain the instructional plan you selected.
  2. Why did you select this instructional plan?
  3. List two traditional theories for adult learning that you could apply to this instructional plan.
  4. List two contemporary adult learning theories for adult learning that you could apply to this instructional plan.

Discussion 2 see attachment below 

Assignment: Final Project: Adult Cognitive Development

This Assignment will complete the next section of your Final Project and submit it for instructor feedback. This section is on cognitive development in adult learners and its relationship to your emerging issue.

As you read and discussed in Unit 3, cognitive development includes several areas. One area of interest may be how the brain functions, including research done on right brain/left brain learning. Another area was memory. Memory may be enhanced by connecting new material to existing student experiences or connecting learning through the use of the senses. Intelligence was also discussed. You may want to discuss your emerging issue through the lenses of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences or Goldman’s Emotional Intelligence.

This section is due at the end of Unit 4.