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You have been working on your proposal to your faculty each week this term. Now, it is time for you to put it all together.

Remember that you are the chair of an academic department of your choice at a two- or four-year institution. You have designed a new program of study for your institution and are presenting to your departmental faculty for consideration.

Throughout the term, you have gotten feedback on each section from your classmates and from your instructor. It is very important that you use this feedback to improve your project. Please make sure you address all comments and that you have modified your proposal as needed. Do not simply take the sections from previous units, combine them into one document and turn it in. You should have considerable changes to incorporate.

Make sure each section of your final project is complete and that you have supported your decisions with references from the texts and outside sources.

Please include the following sections in your Final Project—use these as headers for the different sections of your project.

Section I: Introduction

Section II: Institutional Description

Section III: Rationale for Proposed Program

Section IV: Program Outcomes

Section V: List of Courses

Section VI: Accreditation, Standards and Professional Development

Section VII: Innovative Curriculum

Section VIII: Curriculum Revision

Section IX: Data Collection for Curriculum Revision

Section X: Conclusion

After you have consolidated your work, check your paper for grammatical and APA errors. When you have finished, turn in the final draft via the Drop Box for Assignment 6.