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Discussion 1

Professional Organizations in the field of Psychology

Keeping in mind the careers and job positions you identified and discussed in past units, do a Web search and find a corresponding professional organization for a career of your choice in the psychology field. Add the link to that organization in your response (copy and paste the website address). You may not use the APA as your site, since you will be exploring that during Seminar this week. But you can use another other organization or any of the APA’s Divisions, which focus on the many specialty areas in psychology.

Some examples of professional organizations specific to your psychology degree include:

  • I/O SIOP – Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  • Addictions – NAADAC – The Association for Addiction Professionals. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  • ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis – Association for Behavior Analysis International. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Once you find your own organization of interest, review what the organization has to offer  and   explain how this organization could be useful to you as you pursue both an education and a career in the psychology field. 

** Please remember to properly credit your source(s) with an in-text citation and end of post reference(s). ****

Discussion 2 Use the state of Alabama

Every state has a Department of Professional Regulation which sets criteria and maintains professional licensure. For this Assignment, you will visit your State Department of Professional Regulation and take time to explore the site and the various career possibilities listed within the field of psychology. After reviewing services offered, choose one of the listed careers which is of potential interest to you as a future professional and discuss the following:

  1. Services offered by my State Department of Professional Regulation.
  2. Potential profession of interest including reason for choice.
  3. Education and License requirements.
  4. Discuss the rationale behind having professions in psychology regulated and licensed. Did your exploration change your interest in this particular profession? (150 words).