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ETHIC  unit 6

Question 1

In the Unit 6 Discussion, you will explore issues that relate to the death penalty. The death penalty, which remains a highly controversial topic. Ethical issues that are controversial tend to be so because they usually have several strong but opposing points. You and your peers will explore some of these reasons and explore this difficult topic in light of ethical theory and reasoning.

  • What are some of the arguments used for and against capital punishment? (You may want to complete some additional research to add to your knowledge). In your response, apply ethical theory to your position.

Question 2

Case Study

In this week’s Discussion, you will explore the dynamics of employee loyalty and what limitations exists in regards to rights and freedoms in the workplace. As you discuss the question with your peers, keep in mind the concept of rights and where rights come from. Also note that often in life, the rights of one party conflict with the rights of another.

  • Read the case study “Employee Rights Case Study” located in the unit Reading. Would firing Allen Lopez violate his civil rights? Explain why or why not using ethical reasoning and theory.

Question 3

Affirmative Action

Affirmative action attempts to remedy the injustice of racial and sexual discrimination. When asked to justify their position, supporters of affirmative action commonly appeal to its effects on living individuals in society’s long history of past discrimination. Others point to current patterns of discrimination.

  • Do you agree that all affirmative action policies create unjust reverse discrimination? If not, which specific forms of affirmative action in the business world do you think escape this charge? Why do you think this? Explain your position with ethical theory.