Handling Difficult Situation/ Fraction Lesson Plan

EDU 450

4. Due Date: Feb 16, 2017 Handling Difficult Situation

This is a CLC. For this assignment, focus on the group of students in your program of study.

Consider the following:

·      What makes some students more of a discipline issue, when others are “following the plan”? What can the teacher do to resolve this issue?

·      What are some unexpected situations that can cause disruptions in the classroom? For example: teacher has car accident or a school evacuation?

·      What are your plans to get through these types of situations?

·      When do you have to disclose behavior reported by students: abuse, drug use, pregnant, hurting others, hurting self?

·      What are the legal and ethical implications for classroom management related to the rights and responsibilities of students, parents, and teachers?

·      What other difficult situations might you experience? How can you plan for the unexpected?

Write a 250-500 word essay that discusses how you would handle difficult situations in your future classrooms. Reference the questions for consideration. Include suggestions, opinions, and implications.

Use 3-5 scholarly resources.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

***This is a group assignment and I will chose to do the highlighted bullets***

EED 364

Due Date: Feb 16, 2017 Fraction Lesson Plans


Select a CCRS related to Number and Operations in Fractions. Using the “Class Profile,” create three lesson plans with activities that:

1   Use models in fraction tasks, including area, length, and set/quantity models;

2   Emphasize academic language, including partitioning, sharing tasks, and iterating; and

3   Explore equivalent fractions

Visit the Teaching Channel website and review three videos of teachers teaching fractions. Write a 250-500 word review of what you observed and support your review with references to the assigned readings. 

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines


·      View “Common Core State Standards for Math,” located on the Teaching Channel website.


·      View “The Mathematics Standards: How They Were Developed and Who Was Involved,” located on YouTube.

This assignment uses a rubric. Class profile is the other attachment I had given you before.

Criteria                                                    Excellent 100%