HCM435 CSU Global Basis for Employee Handbook Portfolio Project,

For the final Portfolio Project, you will submit an academic, written paper to form the basis of a legal handbook that could be utilized during new employee orientation to develop an organization’s employee.

This paper will include:

  • An APA title page;
  • A description of the organization you developed
  • A listing of all employee professions or disciplines; and
  • A list of the topics developed in the Module 5 milestone.
    • A paragraph or two defining and discussing the significance of this specific topic and how it applies to the new employee entering a long term care healthcare organization.
      • Credentialing/scope of practice;
      • Legal employment qualifications (I-9, EEOC, etc.);
      • HIPAA (confidentiality, privacy, security);
      • Informed consent;
      • Mandatory reporting;
      • Organizational regulations (internal regulations including staffing, etc.);
      • End of life issues (including advance directives).

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • 10 pages in excluding the title and reference page,
  • A reference page(s) formatted in APA with a minimum of 12 references no older than 5 years.
  • APA-level headings