HCS455 University of Phoenix Legislative Process and Health Care Response

Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions. 125 words each post add references if used.

1.What I learned about the legislative process is how much is involved to pass a bill. I didn’t know there was so many stages in the processing of a policy and how it has to go through three branches of the government; The Executive, legislative, and Judiciary before it gets to the voting stage of the congress. But I now have a better understand in why it is important to have so many stages such as the agenda setting stage: which is a form to find the existing problem, the formulation stage: were in this stage the administration examines the components to the problem and the solution, the adoption stage: were the government level give the results of their decisions, The implementation stage: this is the stage were the policy if put into effect, and the final stage is the evaluation stage: This is were the implemented policy is analyzed and evaluated to see if the objectives are aligned. Having these stages are all important to the policy process in health care because it give helps with the safety in the people and the quality delivered to the people.

2.One of the biggest take away I learned from passing laws that pertains to health care is how proposed legislations go through public hearings (Sicherman, 2018). With this knowledge, it made me realized that health care is after all for the people therefore having the public argue and give feedback is the appropriate action. In addition, I learned that there are different variations of legislative process such as reconciliation and Presidential power – in reconciliation process, a caucus writes a specific legislation and then are brought to create concurrent resolutions which are then presented back to the caucus for further recommendations, and when the recommendations are made it is sent to the House Budget Committee and this is where the bill begins. As for the Presidential power, the President can issue an executive order directing governmental agencies to take action for example; can direct health insurance companies to help offset the costs of insurance for low income families (Sicherman, 2018). I never really knew how much time and process passing laws really is until I have read the information given.