how you would educate a patient on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention?

To improve students writing skills, I would like to give a discussion assignment due by Saturday 11/17/2018 11:59 worth 30 points. Can I ask your assistance in assigning a discussion, and I can review tomorrow when on campus with one of the instructInstructions: Topic: Health Promotion and Disease PreventionSurname A-G  Introduction paragraph (Only 3-5 lines).Sample below:According to the author Blake et al., (2014) approximately 2.4 Million people suffer from obesity. The purpose of the paper is to discuss ways to improve obesity through diet and exercise. Remember your topic is Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.Surname  H-N Body paragraph (Only 5-10 lines) include in the body in-text citation, suggesting bullets points no more than 3. I would like you also to use a reference that includes more than three authors, using the terms et al., Sample of bullet points below:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Vaccination

Surname O-Z Conclusion paragraph (Only 5-7 lines) including how you would educate a patient on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Include a current article no more than five years old in conclusion.Sample below:The paper aimed to elaborate on adverse health effects of poor nutrition.A title page is not necessary.Include subheadings Example Introduction/Main Idea (body)/ConclusionAll cited reference should be in alphabetic order on a reference pageCritique a colleague paper on a different section than you were assigned, making suggestions on their APA formating

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