Implementation and Reflection of Module 1 Planning Assignment

In Module 1, you revised a lesson you currently use in a class you teach. This week, you must implement that lesson plan and the differentiated instructional approaches.

After you teach your lesson (or coach another teacher in implementation, if an administrator) complete the template that you began in Module 1. Following the guided prompts outlined on the template, please share

  • A self-reflection for continuous improvement based on student achievement data and research from 1-2 outside sources.  
  • A graphical display of the student achievement data (i.e., table, graph, chart, etc.)
  • Next steps to ensure proficiency for EVERY student you work with
  • Evidence of Implementation

Additional Considerations for Reflection:

Throughout this course, you will be planning, implementing, and reflecting upon the lessons you have chosen for the Critical Thinking Assignments in Modules 1, 3, and 5, as well as the various ways you are differentiating your instruction for CLD students. Whether or not you have CLD students in your classes, please reflect on the effectiveness of the differentiated strategies you implement because you are developing instructional approaches to help all learners. If you do not have CLD students in your current classes, consider reflecting on potential challenges you may encounter.

Your assignment should be thoughtful and thorough, well-written, and formatted per the  APA Requirements.