KD assignments

Part 1

  • Imagine that you are a Major World Religions instructor who is also passionate about your own personal religious beliefs and practices. A classroom discussion breaks out in which one (1) of your students begins to make derogatory comments about your religion. The discussion escalates into an argument between you and the student, and the entire class feels uncomfortable. Suggest a more professional way you could have handled the situation. Recommend two (2) strategies that you can use in the future when your emotions are similarly triggered.

Part 2

  • Select one (1) topic from this entire course that you believe has been the most beneficial to you. Explain the main area(s) of knowledge and understanding you have gained from your selected topic. Suggest two (2) ways that you can apply thise knowledge and understanding as an educator or administrator.

Topic—– Breaking Barriers: Using Poetry as a Tool to Enhance Diversity Understanding With Youths and Adults”,