Miami Dade College Tobacco and Oral Health Annotated Bibliography

You will compile an annotated bibliography on an oral health, oral systemic connection topic of your choice. after reading the other citations, you may choose to explore a topic. By doing this assignment, and sticking with the same topic, you will be one step ahead for writing your Research Outline Paper!

Create an Annotated Bibliography listing five resources that you could use to write a paper on the topic of your choice. Remember, it is to your advantage to decide upon a topic that you wish to write about in your Outline for Module 7.

Follow these directions for the Annotated Bibliography:

  • Three of the resources MUST be journal articles from a professional, peer-reviewed journal, and must be current (no resources older than eight years) and found in the SPC library. You may use the annotated citation that you posted for the Annotated Bibliography Discussionfor one of these two journal articles. Note:RDH Magazine and Access Magazine, although informative and relevant, are not peer reviewed, and therefore cannot be used as a peer-reviewed journal.)
  • One of the resources must be an online source such as a professional organization website (ADHA, ADA, AAP, etc.).
  • The final required resource must be a book, such as a professional textbook.Be sure to check your Darby and Walsh textbook. Often the topic you chose will be included, and you can then use it as a resource!If you cannot locate a book resource, then you may substitute for another journal or web resource reference from the SPC library as outlined above.Note:When using your course textbook, Darby and Walsh Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice, APA cite as a “chapter in a book” found in your BASDH APA Style Guide.
  • The bibliographic content will be 150 words or less, and will include a 4-6 sentence summary/critique of each of your sources. Include at least one sentence with information regarding the author(s) of the article or professional organization that provided the source (see the first sentence in the example above).
  • Your bibliographic citation must be in APA style. It is strongly recommended that you have examples of APA citations to refer to as you work on this assignment, as this is a very specific and particular editorial style. It is not “hard” to do, though it does take practice, attention to detail, and patience to get it right!

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  • Include a title page with your submission. The title of your paper must include the research topic of your annotated bibliography. For example, let’s say you chose to research the topic of “oral complications of diabetes.” The title on the title page might read: Annotated Bibliography for Diabetes and Oral Health