Motivational interviewing

After you complete the readings and watch the videos for this week, select one of the videos and write an analysis which addresses the following: watch this video

  1. Introduction: Overview of Motivational Interviewing:
    Begin your paper by providing an overview of Motivational Interviewing (MI). Ensure you include one article and summarize the main components of MI and populations that are appropriate to use the MI principles.
  2. Assessment of Videos:
    Using the key components of MI, assess the two role play videos for appropriate integration.
  3. Discriminatory Analysis Section:
    What would you do differently or similarly in the video you chose to analyze? Provide rationales that are specific utilizing sources for substance and depth.
  4. Plan and Summary:
    Integrate evidence-based information using one to two scholarly articles in your plan and summary of the scenario you watched (opioid or alcohol). How does the concept of coping play out in the scenario you watched? Integrate coping psychotherapeutic skills, as well as teaching and education, into your plan and summary.

4 pages

use references below


  • Rollnick, S., Miller, W.R., & Butler, C.C. (2008) Motivational interviewing in health care: Helping patients change behavior. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.
    • Part I: Behavior change and motivational interviewing
    • Part II: Core skills of motivational interviewing
    • Chapter 7: Integrating the skills
  • Lewis, T.F., Larson, M.F., & Korkuska, J.S. (2017). Strengthening the planning process of motivational interviewing using goal attainment scaling. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 39(3), 195-210.