Music A Social experience 105…..How much do you charge?

Chapter Seven Review Questions

1.      What musical elements are common in National anthems?  

2.      Describe the musical differences in the National Anthem played by the Marine Band and by Hendrix.                                                           

3.      Give some examples of popular music that are patriotic and describe why?           

4.      What are the origins of Appalachian Music and name some instruments commonly used. 

5.      Name an American who wrote political songs during the early 1900’s and explain why his songs were influential.

6.      How might music move us to support or reject social norms, and what modern music does that today?

7.      Find a song that has lyrics that make a political statement.  Describe the composer, explain the musical style and the meaning/significance of the text.

8.      Describe Bulgarian Folk Music.

9.      What was the dominant style of Chinese opera, and who was the Gu shi?

10.  Who reformed Chinese Opera and why?      

11.  How were the character types and the instruments changed in Chinese opera to emphasize the Communist political agenda?                                                                        

12.  How is Beethoven’s 9th Symphony 4th movement, unique?  

13.  What two themes are combined in the double fugue in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony 4th mov?

14.  Describe the movements of a Symphony.                 

15.  Describe the unique musical elements of Romantic Music.              

16.  How many symphonies did Brahms write and who influenced his compositional style?    

17.  What are some characteristics of nationalistic music?          

18.  What are the group of Russian nationalistic composers called and name the composer from the text.                                                                                                                                   

19.  Describe a symphonic poem and name one of the examples.