After reading the lecture notes in module 6 and further researching the topic, post a two-paragraph about each of the following:    

    1. In the United States, how can teachers obtain a teaching license and position? What will you be required to do to teach where you want to be? State the grade level and subject that you wish to teach.    
    2. What are educational standards? Why are they important? How will you use educational standards in your subject area? Provide examples thereof.    
    3. What is the traditional curriculum taught in U.S. schools? What are common teaching methods used by teachers? Which teaching methods would you use to teach your subject and why?    
    4. What are the types of assessments used by teachers in the United States? Which purposes do they serve? Which assessment methods would you use in your classroom and why?

Please make sure that your discussion comments abide by the Netiquette policy outlined in the syllabus.