NSG120 Stratford University Week 6 Urinary Tract Infection Case Discussion

Week 6 Module Objectives


A 23-year-old healthy female college student, presents with a 2-day history of “on and off” dysuria, urgency, and frequency and a single episode of gross hematuria. There is no fever or back pain. She has self-medicated with cranberry juice and pyridium 200 mg, which was left over from a previous urinary tract infection (UTI). Her urine is consequently dark-colored.

1. What data should the nurse obtain?

2. Describe the normal characteristics of urine.

3. What instructions should the nurse give to the patient regarding collection of clean catch urine specimen?

3. What measures can be used to reduce the reoccurrence of UTI?

4. Identify 3 potential/actual nursing diagnoses related to urinary elimination