Only for Amanda Rosemary

For this reflection paper, please pick one of the three topics below and write 2-3 pages, double spaced, on the selected question

  1. Describe a situation that you witnessed, or were part of, that challenged or brought into question your bedrock values or ethics. What effects did this experience have on your personal ethical development? Would you behave differently today? Why or why not?
  2. Think about people in your life who are “bad” listeners. What do they do that indicates to you that they’re not listening? How do you respond when they act that way? Are you aware of times when you are a “bad” listener? Explain.
  3. Spend five minutes in front of a mirror acquainting yourself with the subtleties of your facial expressions. Relax your face completely, noting what your face looks and feels like when you are completely at rest. See how it looks and feels when you are happy, when you are unhappy, when you want to look inquisitive, or when you show disapproval. Record what you learned by observing your facial expressions.