Outline 2

For the second part of your paper, you will address ‘people’. You will select 7 categories from this section to develop in your paper.

The People – family, dating, courtship and marriage, aging, gender roles, socio-economic levels, work and recreation, diet/food customs/eating, stereotypes or prejudices held, nonverbal communication (gestures, greetings, personal space, personal appearance, touch, etc.), attitudes and values.

Outline #2 should include the required categories (you pick the categories, just must meet the number specified in the assignment) for the‘PEOPLE’ section of the paper.

**You are also required to provide a bibliography of at LEAST 8 sources in MLA or APA format (this should be the last page of the outline). These sources should be the ones USED for the people section, NOT the ones for the nation section. So only list the ones you are using for the people section in your bibliography for this outline.

Other things:

– You must have parenthetical citations. This means, when you use a source (that is not your own original thought), you must show where you got it. So you must at the end of the sentence cite the author and year and page number (if applicable), like: (Easley, 2001, pg. 2).

-If you are using information WORD-FOR-WORD this is a direct quotation and should include quotations marks “ “ to indicate this.  If you are paraphrasing, this means you are putting the information into your own words and it differs from the original wording of your resource.  You still put a parenthetical citation for paraphrasing.

-Your outline should demonstrate thorough research for this required section of the project.  It will be graded on depth and quality of research.  You should not be copying and pasting from the internet. Outlines that do not demonstrate thorough research and reflect just copying and pasting will receive little points.